7dollaressay.com review

7dollaressay.com review

In the sea of so many writing companies out there, all guaranteeing you success, fabulous grades and lowest prices, you might even consider ordering a paper from 7dollaressay.com. But, because there are so many other services, all fighting to make you the customer, you should probably do more research and find that one service that’s worthy of your money and time, which this company just might not be. Keep reading more to find out why they aren’t the best writing company out there.


Their services menu offers only 15 services, which isn’t quite a big range. With services offering more than 50 kinds of papers they can write, 15 is a really low number. They have the standard services such as essay paper writing, research papers, movie and book reviews, but other than that their writers don’t have much to offer. In fact, you’re never quite sure whether the writers that write your papers are qualified to do so. There’s no guarantee that these actually are professional with degrees, and all you have to do is trust their word. This isn’t exactly how a professional writing company would present their business.


They claim to be offering papers of the highest quality at the cheapest price, but not only there’s no guarantee of high-quality, the prices aren’t the cheapest either. The price chart is based on the number of pages, the deadline as well as the quality of writing. If you want great quality, you’re going to have to pay at least $10 per page, but that’s if you’re not in a hurry and you have more than 15 days to turn in your paper. The price goes as high as $35 per page. Not quite cheap, if you’re on a tight budget, which most students are.

Discounts & Special Offers

Along with not being cheap, they don’t have any discounts to offer to their loyal customers. In fact, not only do they disregard their customers completely, they don’t have any special offers that would encourage you to place an order in the first place. This is terribly disappointing, considering that discounts are what students need to be able to save some money and continue to order from the same service. 7dollaressay.com isn’t customer-friendly at all.

The verdict is, 7dollaressay.com isn’t the dream writing company you’ve been wanting to order from, so we sincerely suggested you keep searching for others who are going to have everything that you need.

Written by: EssayHell
2.5 / 5 stars