review review is not one of the most renown writing companies for students who are looking for academic assistance, and sadly, it’s for a very good reason. This is a service that is so bad, there’s no one single thing that you won’t like about them. But if you’re on the fence about them, or want to know exactly why you should never order from them, keep on reading to get more information.


When you visit their services tab on their website, you’ll be confused with what exactly they are offering, while the words essays and research paper are mentioned as one of the services they offer, Boomessays has also listed Math&Science in the same list, which is quite confusing. It’s a bit disorganised and you’re not quite sure whether they mean by this list. Also, you’re never quite sure what kind of a writer you’re getting, because the quality really varies from one paper to the other. If you take a quick look at the samples they provided, you’ll see exactly what we mean. There’s really no reassurance that you will get what you asked for.


Given that they are not the best writing team out there, it’s a surprise that they aren’t more affordable. Their lowest price per page is $12.99, and that’s if you have plenty of times on your hands and no special deadline to adhere to. Given that most students don’t have a month to turn in their paper, chances are you won’t get to take advantage of this price. Plus, there are plenty of reputable services online that actually charge less than charge.They do include free features like amendments and a title page, but that’s what you would get for free from every other writing company out there.

Discounts & Offers

Although Boomessays has a designated page for discounts, that gives you hope when you first go to their website, the discounts aren’t exactly what you’d expect. They had a special discount for Easter, but when we asked about it, they said that it wasn’t applicable to the order we placed. They also have a discount for those who are just ordering for the first time, but just 15% off. Other website, will go as high as 50%. There’s a lifetime discount program, but only if you order more than 15 pages, which is highly unlikely since they don’t do a very good job.

There’s not a single good reason for you to order from this website, as every aspect of their business needs to be worked on. There’s so much variety out there, so why settle for a service that’s worse than the average?
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