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Their range of services include academic writing assistance, which includes writing, research and proofreading, but most of the services who offer quality content have to do custom research as well, so this is nothing unique. However, even though they claim to provide professional assistance with your academic assignments, their services are mostly focused on press releases, blogs, articles, e-mail campaigns, company brochures, news writing and presentations. So, if you were thinking this is an academic environment, it’s actually not. Their custom essay writing is actually not their priority.

Although they claim their prices start from just $10 per page, it’s only in the case of a high school assignment with a pretty good deadline of 2 weeks. This seems like a catch to make you think they are more affordable than they actually are. Their pricing policy is exactly the same as with other standard essay writing services online, which means you’ll probably get the benefit of having a free revision or two. Otherwise, they charge for quality work just like any other service.


We had to scroll quite a bit after reading through their website, to find what kind of offers they had for their clients. We weren’t very surprised with what we saw. They offer a lifetime discount for their most loyal customers. For example, if you accumulate over $500 on your orders, you get a lifetime discount of 5%. It’s not a bad deal, but $500 itself isn’t a small amount to spend on essay writing services. may not be the best custom essay provider online. Although their name claims it, they have to work a lot more on providing something valuable and unique to their consumers. So far, we haven’t noticed anything that will make them stand out, plus their prices aren’t affordable at all. Seems like their 9-year long experience, could use a little bit of brushing up.