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Overview is an online essay writing service which, despite all the glowing essay services reviews going in its favor indicating good quality of their writing, is ultimately a letdown, because you will not find many students being able to afford their high-priced writing services. It’s as if they are not aware of who their customer base is. Their website is clean and simple at first glace, and there is even a price calculator right there on the Home page, but even though the services they provide are listed right there on the first page, there is no separate Services page, which means you will have to jump through hoops to order what you need. Not a terribly user-friendly service, and an expensive one at that!

According to its Home page, this particular essay service can help you put together your admission essay, graduate school admission essay, dissertation, honors thesis, professional report, high-school level essays, as well as theses and college-level writing assignments. However, the section of the website which can provide you with some more information about their services is curiously missing. Upon doing some extensive digging, we discovered that there is indeed more info if you happen to click on the Free Inquiry page, which is incredibly counterintuitive, plus the entire procedure is so complicated, you will be ready to give up before you had even started. They really need to work on simplifying their layout.


Even if you are able to look past all the flaws so far, you will be less tolerant once you check out their pricing. Essay writing should not be this expensive, because it is the students who order essay services the most, and as we know, they are not the richest bunch. Putting quality above all else is admirable, but when you cheapest service is $10 per page, and going up to $56 at its most expensive, there aren’t going to be many students lining up to order an essay from you. Despite the clever written content which advertises their writers are predators who prey on essays, the only thing they seem to be preying on is your wallet.

Discounts and Special Offers
While you will find that nearly all essay writing services are offering a decent discount of some sort, this website only offers a symbolic discount, and on top of that, they charge extra for just about anything, from plagiarism reports, to abstracts. Positive essays writing services reviews were a bit misleading in this case.
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