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If you’re expecting a fantastic review of we’d advise you don’t get your hopes up. One quick glance at their website and you’ll see that it doesn’t look promising. The website looks cluttered, with mixed information provided all over the place, and frankly, it’s not what a trustworthy business should present themselves. Stay tuned to find out all the details about their services, and why they are simply not one of the best writing service for students.


Although there’s a special page dedicated to services they offer, we weren’t exactly thrilled with what it says. There’s hardly a wide range of services they offer, in fact, there are less than ten types of tasks that they can handle. Along with a mysterious writing team, it doesn’t exactly look like the kind of writing service you’d like to rely on. In fact, it’s confusing that among the services they listed, they added the fields they can handle, which makes us confused. If they are disorganized when it comes to their business and attracting potential customers, then imagine what kind of papers they would probably deliver.


If 14.99 per page is your idea of a cheap paper, then you might even like their pricing. However, it’s quite disappointing that they are that expensive, given that they don’t really have a good track record of delivering amazing papers. This is the starting price for a paper that’s due in 14 days, and this isn’t exactly what we would call a bargain. In fact, it’s quite shocking that the price goes up as far as $54.99! That’s truly too expensive for any kind of a paper, and probably something no student can afford.

Discounts & Special Offers

They do have discounts for their customers, but even with the discount, they aren’t affordable. When it all adds up, you’re still paying more than you would usually. If you subscribe to their email, you’ll get updates on their discounts and special offers, but that means committing to getting emails persuading you into making an order almost every single day. They also offer a 15% discount to new customers, but that’s nothing basically compared to 25% you would usually get from other writing companies. They also have a lifetime discount for loyal customers, but you would previously have to invest a lot to get to have such a discount.

Overall, we recommend that you keep on searching for a company that’s going to be the complete package, and that will offer everything that you need at the right price. This just isn’t the kind of writing company we would recommend to a student who cares about grades.
Written by: EssayHell
1.3 / 5 stars