Overviews is one of the oldest essay writing services of this type online. They have been around since 1998. Unfortunately, their website feels pretty dated too, with too much text and promotional content, which might put off students looking to order a simple custom essay. In fact, if you take a look at essay services reviews for this site, you will be unpleasantly surprised. Not only are there plenty of accounts of the website abusing its writers, but there are also accounts that they don’t produce quality papers, and what’s even worse, they don’t deliver them on time. Avoid this website if you can!

Although you will find plenty of content describing all the different types of writing, along with some essay writing tips, it’s mostly generic stuff, and you won’t find much use in it. As far as this essay writing service is concerned, you can only take a look at their services if you proceed to order an essay immediately, which is not terribly user-friendly. They do offer essays, dissertations, theses, research papers, homework, coursework, book reports, and book reviews, among other things, but beware of the poor writing and poor reviews connected to this website. If they are not going to deliver a quality essay in time, then none of the services they offer matter.

The price of their essay services remains a mystery. Why? Because, if you are looking for a custom essay service, the page where you order the actual essay needs to be optimized for speedy orders. Here, thought, you will spend at least an hour trying to order your essay, and you still won’t be clear on the price, nor what you are getting for your money, which is simply unacceptable. Students are on a tight budget as it is, and they cannot afford to pay good money for something that is as unclear as this service. We were able to dig up the price for high-school level writing assignments, and it was $16.50 per page, which is simply too much.

Discounts and Special Offers
You won’t find much information about discounts on this essay service website. They do claim to offer different discounts at times, such as free rush service, where you receive the essay sooner, free of charge, but seeing as they have a reputation of not respecting the deadlines, it is hard to take their word for it. It seems that all those essay writing services reviews were right.