Overview is an essay writing service that is priced a little higher than average, and much like any other custom essay service, it is suffering from a poorly populated website containing only the most basic information. And just like all the others, it is missing a separate page where it describes its services in a little bit more detail. The only way a customer can check out all the services they offer is by accessing the Free Quote calculator, where they will choose the type of writing they need, along with the deadline, academic level, and the number of pages. Sure, it is easily accessible, but jumping straight away to the price is a bit in poor taste.

Most essay writing services reviews are dependent on the versatility of their writers. And while you will find a full list of their services on their main page, there is only a small paragraph for each of them which gives a general description and which is pretty vague and generic. You would expect an essay service to feature some better writing than that. However, they do offer essays, dissertation, book reports, book reviews, coursework, reviews, PowerPoint Presentations, theses, research papers, research proposals, case studies, assignment writing, and so on.

Prices does not sport the lowest essay prices, which is why it might be out for those students looking for a cheap custom essay. In fact, their essays are priced slightly higher than average. The problem is that they charge exactly the same amount for every type of essay their writers they put out, which should not be the case. Some essays are easier to write, and students should not have to pay a premium price for something that doesn’t take that much to research and which can be written in a few hours tops.

Discounts and Special Offers
Some essay services review the work they have done and will even offer some type of discount for their customers who order essay writing. This one is no exception, but their discount rate is pretty much symbolic. For instance, every customer will received a 5% lifetime discount is the total sum of their order is more than $500, 10% if their orders are higher than $1000, and 15% if their orders are more than $2000, which seems extremely unlikely, because ones would have to rely on essay writing services throughout their entire academic career in order to feel the benefits of that discount.